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Set install source path

User Clyde DSouza tells how to create a network share folder for your i386 files for easy access to NT and Win2k CD software.

If you've had to scramble to find a Windows NT or Windows 2000 CD every time you had to install some software on a client PC, you should consider creating a network share with Read access. On this share, let's call it SOURCE, create two folders one Windows NT 4.0 and one Windows 2000. Copy the i386 folders for each to the appropriate folder.

Then set the following registry entry:

HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionSetupSourcePath to servernameSource or the name of the share that you created.

You can mass deploy this by running the command (REG.EXE from Resource Kit) reg update:

HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionSetupSourcePath=serversharedirname remotemachine

Replace server with the name of the server on which the share is created:

  • share - with the name of the share

  • dirname - with the name of the directory that you created under the share <
    (Remember there should be an i386 folder below this folder in the directory tree but you do not need to put it in here.)

  • remotemachine - name of the machine on which you want this executed

This way when users update software on their PCs, they do not need to have access to a CD or to even look for one.

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