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Share your remote desktop session

Stumped by a remote user issue? Get a second opinion from one of your IT colleagues by sharing your remote desktop session.

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With the new default remote desktop you can't share your current session. If someone wants to help you during a session, they could use the "/console" option to start their remote desktop. However this locks out the current logged-in user.

To resolve this, log on to the server and go to:
Start --> Administrative Tools --> Terminal Service Configuration.
Now double click the RDP-TCP connector and select the tab "Remote."
Change the default settings to "Use remote control with the following settings" and also apply "Require user's permission" and "Interact with this session."

When you're logged on to the remote desktop, go to:
Terminal Server Manager --> View current sessions.
Right click on the session you want to get on.
Then click remote control. The user logged in will get a popup asking if he/she wants to allow you to interact with that session.

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