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Some Win2K Registry tips

Some Win2K Registry tips

From Inside Windows 2000 Server by William Boswell, New Riders, 2000.

Configuring the NETBT Node Type

The NETBT node type is configured in two ways. If you use DHCP, set scope option 44, WINS/NBNS Servers, to point at one or more WINS servers, and then set scope option 46, WINS/NBT Node Type, for desired node type.

For non-DHCP clients, configure the node type locally in the Registry as follows:

	Key:	HKLM | System | CurrentControlerSet | NETBT | Parameters
	Value:		Type
	Data:		1=b - node, 2=p - node, 4=m - node, 8=h - node

The default is b-node if not a WINS client and h-node for WINS clients.

WINS Database Parameters

The WINS database is named WINS.MDB. It is a Jet database, similar to that used by Access but with an incompatible format. The database and its support files are located in WINNTSystem32Wins.

The WINS database location and other WINS parameters are controlled by Registry keys under HKLM | System | CurrentControlSet | Service | WINS. The Partners key under WINS contains the IP address and control parameters for replication partners, if any.

For more information about Inside Windows 2000 Server go to New Riders or InformIT.

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