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Special access permissions

Instructions to assign permissions other than standard Full Control, Read and Write and how to assign advanced restrictions.

When assigning a user access rights to files or folders, you can provide more detail than just the standard permissions available, e.g. Full Control, Read, Write etc. You can also assign special access permission that allows for advanced security restriction to files and folders.

This may be required especially if the user is not trusted. If that is the case, the following procedure can be applied:

  • Right-Click on the file/folder to be shared
  • Click on the Security Tab then select the Advanced button
  • Click on the Add button in order to add a user

Apply the necessary permissions for that user. Select the drop down button in the "Apply onto" field to select where the permissions should be applied.

If you want to change the permissions for a user who is already granted access to the folder, right click on the folder and select Advanced as above. Then highlight the user in the dialog box, and click the View/Edit button. You have a list now that you can use to fine-tune the permissions for that user.

Finally, you can also select the Auditing TAB to audit user activity for the permissions set.

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