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Stop users creating accounts

How to disable the ability of non-administrator users from creating accounts in Windows 2000 Professional

Some users may have the capability of creating new accounts or users on Windows 2000 Professional. Here's how to...

stop it.

The administrator, or any user that has administrative rights, can create local user and group accounts in Windows 2000 Professional. But there is a way for a user who is not assigned any administrative privileges to create local user accounts without being prompted for an administrator's password.

Local user and group accounts can be created in Windows 2000 Professional through Control PanelUsers and Passwords, or through the Local Users and Groups snap-in in the Management Console.


  • Log on as administrator.
  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Then double click on Administrative Tools.
  • Open the local Users and Groups snap-in of the Computer Management Console.
  • Click the Groups folder and double-click Users in the right pane to open the group's properties.
  • Select Remove, then click OK.

Note: In some cases, the NT AUTHORITYINTERACTIVE statement may not be present. If it isn't, then the ability to add/modify user accounts cannot be performed.

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