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Switching between multiple network configurations in Windows 2000

searchWin2000 member Rainer Schlosshan explains how to use the "netsh" utility to manage multiple network configurations.

If you are, for example, using a notebook in various different networks (e.g. at different customer sites), you...

always have to change network settings like IP, WINS, DNS Configuration, and DHCP. The "netsh" utility gives you the possibility to "dump" all these settings into a file that you can later use to restore your complete network settings.

To Save the current settings:

  • netsh -c interface dump >networksetting.txt

You can then create a dump file for every network that you use.

To load the settings again:

  • netsh -f networksetting.txt
Doing this, you can easiliy switch between different configuration sets.

This was last published in June 2001

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