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SynchPST: How to synchronize multiple Microsoft Outlook .PST files

SynchPST 2.1.1 is a standalone utility that lets you take two or more Microsoft Outlook .PST files and keep them synchronized, either manually or automatically.

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Microsoft Outlook can mount and access multiple .PST files at once, but that's about the outer limit of its flexibility. There's no automatic synchronization between .PSTs, except for Outlook's archiving function -- and that's not really intended for use as a synchronization tool.

SynchPST 2.1.1 is a standalone utility (not a Microsoft Outlook add-in) that lets you take two or more Outlook .PST files and keep them synchronized, manually or automatically.

The tool does not require Microsoft Outlook to be present. It simply needs access to the .PST files in question, which can either be on a local computer or a network share. E-mail messages, contacts, appointments, notes, and tasks are all synchronized between .PST files, and nonexistent folders are created if they need to be.

The program is designed to be simple: launch it, point to the two .PST files, and click one of three buttons (copy one way, copy back, synch both ways) to perform the synchronization. If there are conflicts between the two files, the user's alerted, and the results can be previewed before being committed, if needed.

SynchPST 2.1.1 comes in two editions: a basic version (with no automation and some higher-end features disabled) which is U.S. $39.95, and a professional edition with all features, which is U.S. $69.95. A free 21-day trial version is also available.

About the author: Serdar Yegulalp is editor of the Windows Power Users Newsletter.

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