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The Message Transfer Agent

The MTA can require some particular types of maintenance according to this tip from Adesh Rampat.

The Message Transfer Agent
Adesh Rampat

The Message Transfer Agent sends, receives, and delivers mail between servers within the Exchange System. The MTA will also use addressing and routing information to act as an intermediary, accepting messages from other servers and forwarding them to their destination.

At times the network administrator may experience periodic problems with the Exchange Message Transfer Agent. In the event that the MTA fails to start due to suspected corruption or a crash, the MTACHECK utility will have to be used.

MTACHECK verifies the validity and consistency of objects used by the Message Transfer Agent to deliver mail. This includes messages that are stuck in an outbound or inbound message queue. Exchange normally activates the MTACHECK utility automatically if it detects that the last server shutdown did not stop the MTA service cleanly.

In some cases however the network administrator might need to run the MTACHECK command manually in order to check the integrity and consistency of the Exchange MTA queues.

The following are optional switches that can be used with the MTACHECK command:

    /v- Log verbose details

    /f- log to file specified

    /rd- removes directory replication messages

    /rl- removes link monitor messages

Any items that contain errors are placed in the mtadatamtacheck.out folder. It is recommended that this utility be run at least twice until "Database cleaned, no errors detected" appears.

If there is lots of mail in the MTA working directory it could take a while for the MTA to restart and load all the messages back into the queues.

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