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The advantages of multiple partitions

This tip outlines the advantages of creating two partitions on your hard drive and using them for seperate purposes.

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When partitioning a hard drive, there are advantages to creating two partitions instead of a single 'C:' partition. Load the OS and application software into the primary partition, and use the second partition solely for data storage & temporary workspace.

Some of the numerous benefits include:

  • Easy to backup a standard 'D:' drive for each user's data if necessary
  • No data loss should primary partion require formatting & OS require a re-install
  • Can create an image of the primary partition for ease of recovery (e.g. with 'Ghost' app) of OS / app failure
  • Should you run out of data storage space on your disk drive, this will not impact on your OS performance -- the default space allocated for OS paging is on a seperate partition to the data partition.

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