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The best way to load Easy CD Creator 5.0

User submitted tip: The best way to load Easy CD Creator 5.0

If you have a PC that has an internal or external zip drive attached to it, and it does not work correctly after you install "ROXIO" (formerly ADAPTEC Easy CD Creator 5.0). That is, if the drive disappears when there is no media in the drive while the PC is booting up, you can use this to fix it.

  1. First, you want to disconnect the IDE ribbon cable or parallel cable and power to the zip drive.


  2. Bootup the PC and install the software.


  3. When the software asks if you want to do a complete install say no.


  4. Do a custom install and unselect the program "TAKE TWO." ROXIO says it has a bug in it.


  5. Then, finish the installation of the software.


  6. Shut down the PC and reconnect the power,IDE or parallel cable and restart the PC.

This bug only affects IDE zip drives. ROXIO has not published a reason why this happens, only a way to prevent it as I just explained. Your IDE zip drive should now work just as it did before you intalled the Easy CD Creator 5.0 software.

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