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The top five Office 365 features

From beefing up login security to restoring signature management capabilities, here's a look at five notable Office 365 features.

Office 365 has received a lot of attention as companies look to cloud services. And many companies are comparing Office 365 features to what's offered with on-premises Exchange and hybrid Exchange deployments.

We've rounded up five tips that explore some of the most noteworthy Office 365 features around identity management, security and message classification. We also share expert advice on the benefits of using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) to control access to Office 365 services.

Configure Office 365 MFA

Multifactor authentication (MFA), which is considered a must for cloud services, adds an extra layer of security to logins by identifying end users with more than one factor. One main benefit of using Office 365 MFA is that users have more options for how they authenticate their accounts.

Learn why Alternate Login ID is Office 365's hidden gem

Alternate Login ID allows administrators to use a different AD attribute as the login ID, removing the tedium from enabling end users to log into Office 365. This Office 365 feature can help organizations solve some of the problems associated with migrations, but it's important to note its drawbacks.

Choose the best way to include signatures in Office 365

IT pros might want to turn to a third party to regain signature management capabilities after moving email to Office 365, but they don't have to. Office 365 has two options to help recover those capabilities: transport rules and PowerShell.

Control access to Office 365 with ADFS policies

Using ADFS offers some advantages over other options, such as Password Sync, to limit access to Office 365.

Set rules with Office 365 message classification

The message classification feature in Office 365 enables users to categorize messages and gives them an interface that offers more information about the message. When combined with other Exchange features, message classification can be a useful tool.

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What do you think is the most noteworthy feature in Office 365?
When it comes to Office 365, there's a lot to like. Having it cloud-based has saved me plenty of time as I bounce from office to office, but I have to say that my favorite thing about this program is the Admin page. The Admin page is tightly secured, and it allows me to take care of global matters with just a little bit of time and effort. From the Admin page, I can handle SharePoint, Exchange and Lync Online services, making it a lot easier for me to solve problems on a company-wide level. This helps when I'm making system changes.
I've heard multiple people say that they like the Admin page and how it's set up for the very reason you point out -- ease. Would you like to see any additional changes to the Admin page in the future, or does it meet your needs/your organization's need as is?