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Thoughts on blogcasting vs. podcasting

Thoughts on blogcasting vs. podcasting

It's funny to see the number of Microsoft folks on MSDN and TechNet Web blogs that promote podcasting when blogcasting should be their primary concern. Why? Because there's been a huge undergrowth in the last few months of blogcasts instead of podcasts. The fact is, the majority of the world can view blogcasts, but not everyone has an iPod.

The major and primary difference here is that blogcasts support Windows Media Player which is installed on close to 98 percent of the world's computers. If you want to use podcasts, you have to use an iPod. In my opinion: yuck! To hear and view podcasts you have to load an additional application to your computer or mobile device. Who really wants the overhead? But to view or hear a blogcast, all you have to do is stream it or download it.

This is what makes me think the Microsoft folks on MSDN and TechNet are nuts. Why require folks to load a third-party application just to take advantage of the new wave of media?


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