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Three quick e-mail tips

Three quick e-mail tips from SearchWin2000 Insider, and two-time tip contest winner, Tim Fenner.

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1. If you want to send a quick e-mail, just type "mailto:" in the Run box (found in the Start menu), or create a shortcut. You'll avoid having to go to Outlook and click "New Mail Message".

2. Do you use offline storage and synchronization on your laptop? Have you ever gotten stuck downloading a large e-mail with attachments while on the road using a dial-up connection? If so, then this tip is for you. If your company uses Exchange Server and Outlook 98 or Outlook 2000, you can create a folder for large files on the Exchange Server, and then create a rule that automatically moves files over a certain size out of your inbox and into the folder for large files. Make sure this folder is not marked for synchronization. This way you won't waste your time downloading large files and you can read them when you are back in the office with a faster connection.

3. Quick e-mail name lookup: The best tip I have learned so far in MS Exchange is that when I want to enter someone's name on the To: or CC: line of a new e-mail message, I simply type a few letters of the person's last name and press Control-K (or on the Mac Command-K). MS Exchange will locate the name. If the name is unique, it will automatically pop up in the To: or CC: line; if it is not, it will open a window that will display a list of names that contain the common characters and you can select from that list.

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