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Top Windows security testing tips of 2007

This year's top Windows security testing tips can help you learn how to hack Windows Vista, learn about the new Metasploit security testing tool as well as how to use a hex editor.

Security testing for Windows applications and configurations prior to implementation is one thing, but how do you know if what you've just launched (or are about to launch) will still be secure six months from now? Nine months? A year?

With this in mind, we at have compiled our top five Windows security testing tips of 2007. These tips will not only help you launch secure Microsoft configurations, but also help you maintain the security for an application's entire lifetime. Learn how to test your new hack inWindows Vista to test its new security features, how the latest Metasploit features can be your new best friends, how to sniff out security problems on your Windows network and more.

Hack into Windows Vista to test security features
Hack into Vista and see if you can find any vulnerabilities. Kevin Beaver shows you how.

Metasploit 3.0 security testing tool -- free, easy and improved
A no-cost, easy-to-use security testing tool for Windows users, Metasploit 3.0 is Kevin Beaver's recommendation for you. Read why in this security expert's tip.

Using port scanning tools to test network security
Test your Microsoft network security with these port scanning computer security tools, outlined in the most recent edition of Hacking for Dummies.

Find Windows vulnerabilities with a hex editor
The hex editor can be very useful for finding security vulnerabilities in a Windows environment. Learn how this overlooked security testing tool can work for you.

Questions to ask your security vendor
Be prepared with the right questions to ask vendors when it comes time to buy those new network security products. Kevin Beaver supplies seven questions you should ask vendors in order to get the straight answers you need and avoid hearing the fluff.

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