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Troubleshoot connectivity issues with NetDiag and DCDiag tools

Troubleshoot connectivity issues with NetDiag and DCdiag tools

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Are you experiencing connectivity issues when trying to add a new server in the domain? There are lots of tools that can help, but one of my favorites is NetDiag. This tool provides all kinds of useful information when troubleshooting server connections and communications related issues. If you're having problems with a domain controller then try DCDiag.

Both of these tools are available in the Windows 2000 Support Tools. Open a command line and run NetDiag.exe or DCDiag.exe. These tools provide a verbose output that may be easier to review if you pipe this information to a text file. Some of the useful information the tools provide is network card and configuration information, hotfixes installed, WINS, DNS, LDAP and tests.

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