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Turn off the Internet by releasing the IP address

Turn off the Internet by releasing the IP address

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The question of whether to turn off a PC or leave it on has taken on a new dimension these days due to broadband Internet connections. It really comes down to two issues: (1) Power consumption vs. wear and tear on PC and (2) Access/Internet (Security).

In my opinion, you should leave your power on, but when you aren't using your computer you should "turn off" the Internet. This can be accomplished by installing this GUI tool from Microsoft (use only for post 98, ME versions of Windows; I have a batch file for Win98, ME). When not using the PC, simply turn off the Internet by killing (releasing) the IP address!

Eventually, someone may write a program that refreshes the IP addresses as part of the Adware, Spyware or Virus. However, I am waiting for the day someone (maybe Microsoft, maybe you?) writes a service that checks to make sure there is not an IP address. I leave all my PCs on as much as possible, but I try to reduce my security exposure when they are not being used by releasing the IP address.

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