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Unattended install of multiple Windows 2000 hotfixes

You can create an install of multiple Win2k hotfixes with one reboot by using hotfix switches and the MS qchain.exe utility.

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You can easily create an unattended install of multiple Windows 2000 hotfixes with only one reboot by using specific hotfix switches and the Microsoft qchain.exe utility. This utility is available here.

Just run this .bat file with Task Scheduler or an AT command:


  • REM -z Do not reboot
  • REM -q Quiet Mode -- no user interface
  • REM -m Unattended mode
  • REM Terminal Services Licensing Enhancements Update
    q287687_w2k_sp3_x86_en.exe -z -q -m
  • REM RSVP Service Provider Update
    Q300980_W2K_SP3_x86_en.EXE -z -q -m
  • REM PMTU Detection Update
    Q301337_W2k_SP3_x86_en.exe -z -q -m
  • REM Security Rollup Package January 2002
    w2kSP2SRP1.exe -z -q -m
  • REM Unchecked Buffer in SNMP Service
    Q314147_W2K_SP3_X86_EN.exe -z -q -m
  • REM Java Applet Can Redirect Browser Traffic
    Q300845_W2K_SP3_X86_EN.exe -z -q -m
  • qchain.exe


  • REM Reboot Now
  • pause
  • shutdown /R /T:05

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