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Undeleting Windows files

Some ways to get some files restored, and leads for third-party programs to help.

Undeleting Windows files
Mike Marney

It's easy in Windows 9x, but in NT, it's a little tougher to undelete files you got rid of by mistake. This tip from reader Mike Marney tells how to get some of them back easily.

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If you have deleted a file, which is to say that it's not in the Recycle Bin and realize that you still need it, there may be a way to recover it. It's important to stop all activity on the computer as soon as possible once you realize you need a deleted file, thereby reducing the risk of another file overwriting the data to be recovered.

The DOS utility Undelete.exe, which comes with the NT Resource Kit, will allow you to retrieve a file that was on a FAT partition. If the file that was deleted was on an NTFS partition, the Undelete utility will not work. NTFS does not perform destructive deletes, so the actual data is left intact on the disk until another file is written in its place. Some third-party products, such as Undelete for NT from Executive Software, allow for the retrieval of deleted files on NTFS partitions.

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