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Use ALT-07 in Notepad to get to higher line numbers fast

Save yourself time in Notepad by using this handy tip that takes you right to the line you need to edit - no scrolling.

Rather than using a sophisticated script editor and installing on every Win2k system that I may be on, I find using Notepad to be a very handy editor --and it is always there!

However, when the VBS/WSH scripts become lengthy and require additional editing due to syntax errors caused by the most recent modification, it is very cumbersome trying to count down to say line 95, or even line 35 can be tedious.

When you need to traverse quickly to those higher line numbers in scripts while using Notepad, try using "ALT-07" where the zero & seven is typed on the numeric keypad while holding down the ALT key. This provides a prompt where you may enter the line number to go to and will take your cursor focus to that line.

Editor's Note: We received several e-mails from searchWin2000 members in response to this tip. Thanks to Luc Vandenbroucke, Jim Long, Dominic Cotton, Patrick Quinn-Graham, Joe Sysman, Jonathan Weidner and Agis Grigoriadis for their comments. In summation, they say:

Regarding the Alt-07 Notepad tip: It is easier to use Ctrl-G to get to the same dialog box. It has the same effect with less key strokes.

SearchWin2000 Jordi Martinez adds:

If you use a Spanish version of Windows 2000, ALT-07 doesn't work. Try ALT-020 instead.

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