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Use TaskswitchPowertoy to navigate between desktop windows

A reader explains how to install TaskswitchPowertoy, a tool that helps users locate and navigate between multiple desktop windows.

If you frequently use the Alt+Tab key combination to switch between open windows on your desktop, you may find it hard to distinguish one window from another, as you have more than one instance of the same program open.

Microsoft recognized this drawback after releasing Windows XP and subsequently released the "TaskswitchPowertoy" to resolve this issue. The PowerToy replaces the program icons with actual screenshots of your open windows. This way you can locate the exact window you want to switch to, which is useful when navigating between several document windows at one time. To install this program:

  • Copy the URL to your browser.


  • Choose "Run" from the pop-up dialog box.


  • Choose "Run" a second time. This will begin the installation of the PowerToy.

Once you receive the "Installation Complete" dialog, the toy is successfully installed. There's no need to reboot your PC.

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