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Using Explorer switches

Tired of Windows 2000 opening up in My Docs when launching Windows Explorer? This member tip will teach you how a workaround.

Tired of Windows 2000 opening up in My Documents when launching Windows Explorer? Then take control by using the Windows Explorer switches. Here is the basic syntax of the switches:

Explorer [/n][/e][,/root,(object)][[,/select],(sub object)]

  • /n opens a new single-paned window

  • /e opens Explorer in the standard view at the current folder

  • /root opens at the specified root level

  • /select, tells Explorer which folder to open in

  • /select, along with the path and filename tells Explorer which file to open

Here is an example using the switches:

Let's say you wanted to open Explorer at a certain file folder. You would first right click the Windows Explorer shortcut and choose Properties. Then you would click on the Shortcut tab and type the text below into the Target box:

  • %SystemRoot%explorer.exe /select, c:foldername (where foldername is the name of the folder you want Windows Explorer to open into)

Then click on OK.

That's it. You are now in control of the way Windows Explorer opens.

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