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View the Exchange service account name

Use the registry to see this account name, in case Exchange has stopped running.


View the Exchange service account name
Adesh Rampat

It is always advisable that network administrators know all the various administrator account names, such as the NT/2000 and Exchange service accounts. With Exchange 5.5, one way an administrator can view the service-account name, apart from using the Exchange administrator program, is through the registry. This method can be useful in the event an Exchange service does not start or just stops running.

To use this method, first Run Regedt32.exe.


Then go to

On the right-hand pane, ObjectName shows both the domain and service account names.

While we're on the topic of the service account name, what about the service account password? The only way the service account password can be changed (of course the password cannot be viewed) is through the Exchange administrator program. Here's how:

  1. Open Exchange Administrator.
  2. Highlight the Configuration Container under the Site Name.
  3. Select File > Properties to open the Configuration Properties window.
  4. Select the Service Account Password tab. The Exchange service account name is also displayed here.
  5. Change or synchronize the Exchange Account Passwords.

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