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View your Kerberos tickets with free Microsoft tool

Learn about a useful utility designed for Windows admins to help with viewing Kerberos tickets in Active Directory.

Have you ever wondered how you can view the status of your Kerberos tickets? Well, I've run across a tool that helps you do just that.

KerbTray is a small utility available from Microsoft. KerbTray displays information about active tickets in your local system's ticket cache. The KerbTray display window lists the following details: the client principal, a list of domains accessed since logon, and a list of service tickets used since logon. Once you select a ticket, details about that ticket are made available. Ticket specific details include client name, service name, target name, valid time values, Kerberos flags in use and encryption type.

You can also use this tool to purge your ticket cache. However, this will require that you log off and log on to the domain again to obtain a new TGT.

If you are having difficulties with Kerberos, if you suspect something isn't working right, if you want to ensure that you are using Kerberos for authentication protection, or if you are just curious about the contents of your active tickets, then KerbTray is for you.

You can obtain KerbTray at Microsoft.com.

Once installed, view the kerbtray-d.htm document for usage details.

James Michael Stewart is a partner and researcher for ITinfopros, a technology-focused writing and training organization.

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