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Why you should not log on as an administrator

Limiting what you do while logged in as an admninistrator will protect your system from attack and damage says one user.

Running Windows as an administrator make it easier for someone to attack and may cause damage to the system. You do not need administrator privileges for simple acts, such as browsing the Internet. Therefore, you should not run nonadministrative tasks while logged on as an administrator.

It is better to create a user account in User or Power User group to conduct simple computer activities. If you need to perform an administrative-only task while logged on to the normal user account, there is a simple way to enable you to do so by using the Run As program. Run As can be used to start programs like MMC or Control Panel simply by right-clicking program and choosing Run As option. (For some items you need to press Shift then right-click). Then a dialog box will appear for entering User Name and Password of the administrator account you want to use.

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