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Will Win2K create new job opportunities for NT pros?

How will Windows 2000 change the job outlook for NT professionals? More jobs, new positions and career staying-power,...

say IT recruiters. spoke with two IT recruiters who are in the know on this topic:

  • Stephen R. Satterwhite, president, Entelligence, Houston, an IT outsourcing and contracting firm, whose clients include Shell Oil, Continental Airlines, Texaco and other Fortune 500 companies

  • Valerie Bays, a technical recruiter at Manpower Professional, Seattle, which filled 250 NT jobs last year Will Windows 2000 create new job opportunities for NT professionals?

SATTERWHITE: Most definitely. There may still be some debate as to how quickly companies are moving to Windows 2000, but everyone is headed that way. Our clients are demanding lots of new NT people for projects they have on the books this year. The demand is for migrations as well as NT-related development projects that had likely been deferred because of Y2K.

BAYS: I've already had several clients ask for individuals who have dealt with Beta versions of Windows 2000. What types of new jobs will open up because of Win2K?

SATTERWHITE: Higher level opportunities like senior project managers who can deliver enterprisewide rollouts, including Backoffice; system architects who really understand enterprisewide systems; systems administrators; and different tiers of NT support.

BAYS: Job descriptions will be different because you'll cover larger areas, your team will be larger, the volume will be quite different -- it's all a different dynamic. Do these jobs mark a new long-term career direction or are they just transitional positions?

BAYS: Companies will not want to lose the talent they bring on board for migrations and upgrades. They'll want to keep them for continued design, maintenance and support of the network. NT pros will have the option to stay with this technology for their entire careers, moving laterally or upwards. What types of skills or experience will companies require?

SATTERWHITE: Heavy experience in the Internet and intranet portions of the Microsoft product set and experience in large-scale, 10,000-seat environments. The differences between NT and Windows 2000 environments obviously bring additional complexity, so there may initially be some skills gaps at the higher levels between people who have worked in the two environments. What's the salary outlook?

SATTERWHITE: Here, high-level project managers and system architects who understand the enterprisewide environment can earn north of $100,000. NT administrators moving into Windows 2000 at senior levels with big rollouts can expect $65,000 to $80,000 a year.

BAYS: The salary differential between supporting a typical NT LAN environment and an enterprisewide environment can be anywhere from $5,000 to $18,000.

By Leslie Goff, a contributing editor based in New York.

This was last published in June 2000

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