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Win2k Pro crashes with Office 97/2000

Installation of Win2k Pro can cause Office 97/2000 to crash due to conflicts in the domain environment, says this member.

Have you ever had a problem after installing Windows 2000 Professional on a new PC, where Office 97 or Office 2000 crashes whenever you start any Office application? This happens in the domain environment where the domain administrator account is used to install the application.

Normally, the Local Admin Account password is not same as the Domain Admin Account password. This is why the problem occurs and why Office applications crash. To resolve the problem, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new Local Account.
  2. Assign it administrator privileges.
  3. Logon with this account.
  4. Browse the Documents and Settings folder.
  5. Move any application in the Administrator Profiles Programs folder to All Users Profiles Programs folder. You apply to all accounts because you will have two administrator profiles -- one for local and the other will be the addministrator+Domain Name.
  6. Delete both profiles.

This should resolve the problem, because the issue is really a security problem. The system gets confused between both accounts.

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