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Win2k's one-stop networking

User Parthasarathy Mandayam explains how Win2k gives access to all network and dial up connections in one convenient place.

Being an operating system designed for networks, all your network connections are now accessible from the Start Menu (start, settings, network and dial up connections). Yes, this includes dial up networking -- a definite improvement!

Clicking on any of the listed connections will give you a status window on the connection thatincludes uptime/connect time and the speed of the connection.

From this window you can disable the connection (or hang up a dial in connection), and also click on the Properties button to view or change the connection properties.

Another cool thing: Windows has finally grown up in the world of networking. Now, changing a network setting does not require a reboot any more. Great for those of us who can't decide what IP address we want for our machines.

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