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Windows 2000 deployment phases

Vendor recommended order of operations for deploying Windows 2000 in your organization.

Determine the best overall order to deploy Windows 2000 in your organizations. Here?s one suggested set of deployment steps:

  • Define your current environment by determining which server and client operating systems are currently in use in your organization.

  • Study their functionality and the purposes they serve.

  • Study whether the number of users is likely to change due to mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, or growth.

  • Study the need to scale your server environment (determine your needs for clustering and load balancing as well as Terminal Services).

  • Design your Active Directory structure including your DNS namespace.

  • Upgrade your network infrastructure and member servers.

  • Implement Active Directory and storage management.

  • Upgrade or migrate your clients to Windows 2000 Professional.

  • Implement desktop management using change and configuration management tools.

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