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Windows Explorer shortcut to root drive with folders view

Learn step-by-step how to create a Windows Explorer shortcut on your task bar that opens directly to the root drive.

Here is how to, step-by-step, create a Windows Explorer shortcut on your task bar that opens direclty to the root...

drive with a folders view.

  • Click on 'Start', select 'Programs', select 'Accessories.'

  • Right click and hold on to 'Windows Explorer.'

  • Drag it down to the right of the 'Start' button.

  • Let go of the Right Click and select 'Create a Shortcut(s) Here.' You will now have a Windows Explorer icon in the Start tool bar tray.

  • Right click on the the Windows Explorer icon and select 'Properties.'

  • In the Properties windows at the end of the Target field, add a "/e" without the quotes. It should look like this: %systemroot%explorer.exe /e.

  • Click 'OK' on the Properties window.

  • Now click on the Windows Explorer icon.

You will now be brought to the system root drive (c:) with the folders view.

This was last published in October 2001

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