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Windows NT Terminal Server hardware administration

View your Terminal Server processes in action with a query shown here, and learn how to view available HALs.

Windows NT Terminal Server hardware administration tips

From Windows NT Terminal Server and Citrix MetaFrame by Ted Harwood, New Riders, 1999.

Processes in Action

One of the many ways to see processes in action is to use the query process utility:

  1. Log on as administrator to Terminal Server.
  2. Go to the command line and run query process *.

You will see a list of all processes running on the system, to whom they belong, and what their process IDs and session IDs are.

Run your favorite program and look at the processes again using the query process command. Notice the new processes that are created when your program opens.

You can also see processes in action by using the Terminal Server Administrator tool and Task Manager. You can also measure many performance parameters of the operating system by process by using Performance Monitor.

Viewing available HALs with UPTOMP

The Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) is what the Microkernel communicates through when it needs to send threads to the processors or I/O devices. The HAL is implemented in the hal.dll. Notice on the Terminal Server CD under the I386 directory that several files start with HAL (HAL*.*). When you first install Terminal Server, you have the option of picking your processor. At this point, the appropriate HAL is expanded, renamed hal.dll, and put in your SYSTEM32 directory.

If you have the NT Server 4.0 Resource Kit, available from Microsoft, run the Uni to Multiprocessor utility (uptomp.exe) from the Start menu, by selecting Resource Kit 4.0, Configuration. By using this utility, you can view a description of the various HALs on your install CD.

To find out more about Windows NT Terminal Server and Citrix MetaFrame go to InformIT or New Riders.

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