Disk defragmentation -- how beneficial is it really?

How big of a problem is file fragmentation? How much good does it really do to defragment a disk? This guide takes an in-depth look at disk defragmentation and explodes some myths in the process.

For years, administrators have been hearing stories about whether or not they need to defrag their hard drives. How big of a problem is fragmentation really? How beneficial is disk defragmentation? Desktop management expert Serdar Yegulalp explodes some myths and defies some conventional wisdom about disk defragmentation in the tips below.

Disk Defragmentation Fast Guide

  Disk defragmentation: Performance-sapper or best practice?
  New hard disk drives reduce need for disk defragmentation
  Four steps to lessen the effect of fragmentation
  Flash memory drive defragmentation: Does it make sense?
  Three disk defragmentation issues defined
This was last published in September 2006

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