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Exchange ActiveSync tips and tutorials

Tune up your ActiveSync administration skills with these tips and tutorials. You'll learn how to configure, troubleshoot and secure ActiveSync in Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007.

ActiveSync is the primary component that allows mobile devices to communicate with Exchange Server. Tune up your Exchange ActiveSync administration skills with the tips and tutorials in this crash course. You'll learn how to configure, troubleshoot and secure ActiveSync in Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007. You'll also discover answers to frequently asked questions and find tools that simplify ActiveSync mobile device management. 

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Tutorial: Managing ActiveSync in Exchange Server 2007
After providing a general overview of how Exchange ActiveSync works in Exchange Server 2007, this tutorial explains how to configure and manage the various elements associated with Exchange ActiveSync management, including the virtual directory, policies, users, the ActiveSync server and mobile devices.

Step-By-Step Guide: How to secure mobile devices in Exchange Server 2007 
Learn how to create an ActiveSync mailbox policy, how to assign that mobile device security policy to users, and how to remotely wipe a mobile device if it's lost or stolen.

Webcast: Troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 ActiveSync issues This TechNet webcast provides an architecture and functional review of ActiveSync components and explains how they communicate with Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. The one-hour session reviews standalone, front-end and back-end deployments. It also covers IIS configurations, error tracings, device issues and component-level communication, with a heavy focus on tracing and error interpretation.

Exchange ActiveSync: Frequently asked questions
Refer to this Microsoft TechNet FAQ for answers to common Exchange ActiveSync administration questions.


Exchange Admin 101: Configuring OMA and ActiveSync
Learn how to configure Outlook Mobile Access and ActiveSync through the Mobile Services container in Exchange System Manager.

When Exchange ActiveSync won't download mailbox items to mobile devices
One of the toughest problems to troubleshoot is when Exchange ActiveSync won't download mailbox items to a portable device. This tip outlines the potential causes.

Protect Exchange ActiveSync from premature firewall connection timeouts
To prevent attacks, many administrators close firewall connections after a predetermined period of inactivity. Unfortunately, this form of intrusion defense can cause problems for Exchange Server ActiveSync's direct push technology. Read this tip for ways to get around these problems.

ActiveSync and front-end DNS aliases
Sometimes ActiveSync will not work if an SSL certificate is using the front-end server's DNS alias. Learn how to fix this issue.

Forms-based authentication errors with OMA and ActiveSync
You may experience several Event ID errors when using forms-based authentication with Exchange Server 2003 ActiveSync and Outlook Mobile Access. Discover why these issues occur and basic solutions to the problems.

Why HTTP can hurt Exchange ActiveSync attachments
Exchange ActiveSync uses certain custom extensions on the HTTP protocol -- called HTTP "verb" commands -- that are sent in the context of an HTTP request to tell the server what the mobile client is trying to accomplish. If one of these "verbs" is blocked by a proxy, firewall or server-side constraint, attachment synchronization to mobile devices will fail.


The Exchange Server ActiveSync Web Administration Tool
In the past, there really wasn't any centralized way to manage remote mobile device administration through Exchange Server; a lost PDA had to be locked out or wiped "by hand." Now, you can use Microsoft's Exchange Server ActiveSync Web Administration Tool to perform remote mobile administration functions.

Test Exchange ActiveSync mobile devices with Microsoft Device Emulator 1.0
Microsoft Device Emulator 1.0 makes it easier to test the behavior of mobile devices that use Exchange ActiveSync.

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if any can not access Exchange Active Sync on google's android OS based SP. them what solutios are suggested.
Try a third party application to migrate ActiveSync in Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2000