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Exchange Server 2007 Learning Guide

Get acquainted with Exchange Server 2007's new architecture, components and features, including the Exchange Management Console, server roles, and 64-bit hardware.

From architectural and security changes to testing and tools, this learning guide is your fast track to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 knowledge. Get acquainted with Exchange 2007's new components and enhanced features, including the Exchange Management Console, the Exchange Management Shell, server roles, 64-bit hardware, Microsoft Outlook 2007, Outlook Web Access 2007, Outlook Anywhere and much more.

Overview | Testing and evaluation | Architecture, deployment and migration | Data management and storage | Security | Administration | Administration tools | Client applications | Certification



What's missing from Exchange Server 2007
Find out what features no longer exist in Exchange Server 2007, so you can plan an eventual Exchange Server 2007 deployment without any nasty surprises. (

Some new Exchange Server 2007 features will be extras
The good news: Exchange Server 2007 has some snazzy new enhancements, including the highly touted unified messaging feature. The bad news: It's going to cost you more. (

Five things you should know about Exchange 2007
Exchange MVP Paul Robichaux shares five key points to consider when planning an Exchange Server 2007 deployment. (

Exchange 2007 server editions and client access licenses
Microsoft's Exchange 2007 offers two server editions, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition, and two client access license (CAL) editions, Standard CAL and Enterprise CAL. (



Step-by-Step Guide: Test driving Exchange Server 2007
In this tutorial, Exchange MVP Brien Posey helps you prepare for your own Exchange 2007 beta testing or Exchange 2007 migration. You'll discover some of the new features and capabilities available in Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007, and learn step-by-step how to install and configure them in a test environment. (

Testing Exchange Server 2007 on a virtual machine
Learn how you can test Exchange Server 2007 on a virtual machine using Microsoft's new virtual computing program, VHD Test Drive. (

Testing Exchange Server 2007 on a 32-bit server
Microsoft has a 32-bit version of Exchange 2007 available as a download from for testing purposes, however there's a caveat you should be aware of. (

Download: Exchange Server 2007 evaluation software
Explore the new capabilities and features of Microsoft's Exchange Server 2007 before making an investment with this 120-day trial version. (



Architectural changes in Exchange Server 2007
The Exchange Server 2007 architecture differs greatly from the Exchange Server 2003 architecture, so make sure you familiarize yourself with the changes prior to planning an upgrade. (

Exchange Admin 101: Server roles in Exchange Server 2007
In this tutorial, Microsoft Exchange MVP David Sengupta introduces Exchange 2007's five server roles and explains their significance in an Exchange 2007 infrastructure. (

A primer on Exchange 2007 server roles
In this tutorial, Microsoft Exchange MVP David Sengupta introduces Exchange 2007's five server roles and explains their significance in an Exchange 2007 infrastructure. (

What 64-bit Exchange 2007 will mean for virtualization
Find out what Microsoft's current support status of virtualized machines is, what 64-bit Exchange 2007 will mean for virtualization, and if Exchange 2003 cluster virtualization is a good idea. (

Exchange 2007 memory and hardware configuration best practices
Find out what the best memory and hardware configuration is for a 64-bit Exchange Server 2007 installation. (

Preparing for an Exchange Server 2007 migration
Because of major architecture changes, moving from Exchange 2003 to 2007 is going to be as complex as upgrading from Exchange 5.5 to 2000. Start planning now. (

Upgrading to Exchange Server 2007
This Microsoft article explains the difference between a transition versus a migration, and how to perform either method in an Exchange 2007 upgrade. (



Exchange Server 2007: 32-bit versus 64-bit hardware
Learn more about your 32-bit and 64-bit options for Exchange Server 2007 and a warning concerning an important installation caveat. (

Exchange Server 2007 journaling tutorial
Find out how Exchange Server 2007 journaling works and learn how to set it up for email archiving, compliance and e-discovery requirements. (

Installing an Exchange 2007 CCR based mailbox server
This three part article series takes a step by step look at how to prepare for, create and configure an Exchange 2007 Cluster Continuous Replication (CCR) based mailbox server. (

Exchange 2007 disaster recovery
As part of your disaster recovery planning, it is important that you understand how to correctly back up and restore Exchange 2007, and how to repair corrupt databases when no backups are available. (

Configuring the LCR feature in Exchange Server 2007
Microsoft Exchange MVP Henrik Walther demystifies the Local Continuous Replication (LCR) feature, and shows how this feature is configured in Exchange Server 2007. (



How to install and configure an Edge Transport server for Exchange 2007
Read how an Edge Transport server works and get step-by-step instructions on how to install and configure it to filter your Exchange 2007 incoming and outgoing email. (

Tutorial: How to set up Exchange Server 2007 transport rules
Learn how to use Exchange Server 2007 transport rules to create a disclaimer for outbound email messages, configure exceptions and set up email message classifications. (

How to secure mobile devices in Exchange Server 2007
Discover how to create an ActiveSync Mailbox Policy, how to assign that mobile device security policy to users, and how to remotely wipe a mobile device if it's lost or stolen. (

Creating an ethical firewall in Exchange Server 2007 Find out how you can use an Exchange Server 2007 ethical firewall to prohibit certain employees or departments from communicating with each other via email. (

Outlook Anywhere 2007 with ISA Server 2006
Learn how to publish Microsoft Outlook 2007 RPC over HTTPS with Exchange Server 2007 and ISA Server 2006. (

Publishing Exchange 2007 OWA with ISA Server 2006
With ISA Server 2006, it is possible to publish Outlook Web Access (OWA) in Exchange Server 2007. (

Recipient permission delegation in Exchange 2007
Working with Active Directory permissions related to Microsoft Exchange can be a complex task. In this article, Exchange architects explain how to implement a split permissions model. (


Exchange 2007 Administration

A first look at the Exchange System Management Console
Take a look at some new improvements made to the Exchange System Manager (ESM), now known as the Exchange Management Console (EMC) in Exchange 2007. (

Introduction to the Exchange Management Shell
Exchange 2007 introduces a new management platform called the Exchange Management Shell, based on Windows PowerShell. Learn the key benefits Exchange Management Shell provides, how cmdlets are structured, and how data is managed. (

Virtual Lab: Using Exchange Management Console and Shell
This lab walks you through both the Exchange Management Console and its command-line counterpart, the Exchange Management Shell. You'll also learn how to build and use more powerful administrative scripts. ( 

An introduction to Outlook 2007 and Exchange 2007 calendar features
Discover new calendar features in Outlook 2007 and Exchange 2007 and find out how the new Scheduling Assistant improves meeting and resource scheduling. (


Exchange 2007 Client Applications

First impressions of Microsoft Outlook 2007
Microsoft MVP Brien Posey provides a sneak peek of Outlook 2007 and shares his experiences testing the next version of Microsoft's email client -- including some UI surprises and hardware hang-ups. (

New features in Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2007
Here is an overview of the some new features in Outlook Web Access 2007, Microsoft's latest version of its Web mail client. (

How to view message headers in Exchange 2007 OWA
Previous versions of Outlook Web Access didn't let you look at email headers. In Exchange Server 2007, you can. (

Why Exchange UM is worth paying attention to
In addition to email, Microsoft has designed Exchange Server 2007 to support voice mail and fax. Redmond is calling this new collaborative feature Exchange Unified Messaging. (

Moving mobile user mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007
Read about the potential pitfalls of moving mobile user mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007, and find out how to simplify ActiveSync mailbox policy management. (


Exchange 2007 Administration Tools

Get ready for Exchange Server 2007 with a tool check
With the advent of Exchange Server 2007, it's time for IT administrators to check their toolbox in advance of planning a migration. (

Explaining the Exchange 2007 Toolbox
The Exchange 2007 Toolbox contains three analysis tools: Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer, Exchange Server Performance Monitor, and Exchange Queue Viewer. (

Microsoft Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant 1.0
There's a new Microsoft tool to add to your Exchange Server 2007 administration arsenal: the Microsoft Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant 1.0.(

The Exchange Server ActiveSync Web Administration Tool
Learn how you can use the ActiveSync Web Administration Tool to perform remote mobile device administration through Exchange Server 2007.(


Exchange 2007 Certification

New Exchange exams likely to emphasize roles, security
Brush up on your knowledge of Exchange Server 2007 roles and security. These changes in the next generation of Exchange will likely factor heavily in the certification exams. (



Overview | Testing and evaluation | Architecture, deployment and migration | Data management and storage | Security | Administration | Administration tools | Client applications | Certification


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