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Exchange Server email compliance guide

Learn about email-compliance regulations, how to plan and set up corporate email-archiving policies, and how to shop for and implement compliance software tools.

Email-compliance management is a messaging security issue that every Exchange Server administrator needs to understand, along with the many regulations and litigation concerns that drive it. Get your company's email-compliance efforts up-to-date with these articles, tips and tutorials. Learn how Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), HIPAA and other important federal regulations work, how to plan and set up corporate email-archiving policies, and how to shop for and implement email-compliance software tools.


Exchange email compliance to-do list
Discover 10 tasks every Exchange administrator needs to address to meet today's compliance requirements.

Email compliance quick reference guide
This 18-page PDF guide, by Michael R. Overly, is designed as a quick email-compliance reference for today's technical managers. It provides an overview of the various email compliance laws and explains their potential impact on corporate messaging.

Email-archiving: Planning, policies and product selection
This ebook explores the essentials of email archiving and compliance from the perspective of an IT manager. Each chapter walks through a key aspect of the email-archiving project process, including: developing a project roadmap, defining an email-archiving and compliance policy, analyzing email-archiving and compliance features, selecting a product, and developing a sample request for proposal (RFP) to send to vendors.

How to set up Exchange Server 2007 transport rules
Exchange Server 2007 offers a new email compliance tool called the transport rule mechanism that allows administrators to apply policy restrictions to internal and outbound email messages. In this tutorial, Exchange MVP Brien Posey explains how to use Exchange 2007 transport rules to create a confidentiality disclaimer for outbound email messages, configure exceptions and set up email message classifications.

Exchange Server 2007 journaling tutorial
Journaling in Exchange Server 2007 has been greatly enhanced to better address regulatory compliance and e-discovery requirements. Granular native Exchange archiving options are now available, including mailbox-level journaling and more defined journaling rules. In this tutorial, Exchange MVP Brien Posey offers an overview of how journaling works in an Exchange 2007 environment, explains how to enable the journaling agent on a Hub Transport server, and provides step-by step instructions on how to create, modify, disable and delete journaling rules through the Exchange Management Console and Exchange Management Shell.


Are you ready for new compliance rules?
There's no single technology product that meets all compliance requirements and there's plenty of prep work to do before you even think about technology. The first step is to define your unique requirements, including compliance and litigation-readiness needs, as well as business productivity and service-level objectives.

Top 10 best practices for email archiving
Regulatory compliance, litigation support and storage management all begin with an efficient email archiving process. In this tip, storage consultant Bill Tolson offers 10 detailed best practices for effective email archiving.

Understand compliance: Beyond data protection
Data retention is only one part of regulatory compliance. For storage, compliance can be grouped into two focus areas: data management and governance.


Choosing a compliance archiving tool
This tech roundup discusses how compliance archiving tools are used, how they are evolving and what the competitive landscape looks like.

Compliance software essentials: Build a technology toolbox
There's really no one technology answer for regulatory compliance. Companies need a variety of tools to effectively meet the requirements of regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

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