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Five Quick Links: SharePoint and Outlook integration

Frustrated that you have to manage SharePoint and Outlook? There might be some benefits to it after all.

Exchange administrators who also manage SharePoint often grouse about having to maintain one more application....

But interfacing the two platforms can actually breed familiarity and help admins in several ways. These five quick links demonstrate how seamlessly SharePoint and Outlook can work together and what that means for you.

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1. Manually move Exchange public folder message data to SharePoint
For years Microsoft has urged Exchange admins to migrate public folder content to SharePoint -- without supplying any tools to do it. Save money on third-party tools and move it by hand using Outlook 2010.

2. Moving public folder calendars and tasks to SharePoint 2010
Migrating calendar, contact and task data from Exchange public folders to SharePoint 2010 may seem daunting. These steps make it painless.

3. Monitor SharePoint with Outlook 2010 email alerts
Did you know you can use Outlook 2010 to create and configure SharePoint alerts? This tip explains how.

4. Using the Outlook Social Connector to view SharePoint 2010 sites
The biggest benefit of the Outlook Social Connector isn't seeing your colleagues' Facebook updates; it's the ability to follow their SharePoint 2010 sites.

5. Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint calendar dos and don'ts
Keep SharePoint team members organized with these dos and don'ts for entering, labeling and copying calendar entries from Outlook to SharePoint.

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