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Guide to hard disk drive management contributors identify issues they've encountered while managing and maintaining hard disk drives.

Despite their advances in reliability, hard disk drives still pose many questions for Windows administrators. Does...

a new drive need to be formatted? How many passes does it take to ensure that data on the drive has been erased? How can you tell if a drive is about to fail? In this technical guide, contributors identify some issues they've encountered while managing and maintaining hard disk drives.

- Introduction
- Be wary of preformatted external hard disk drives
- Hard disk drive MTBFs: The four biggest misperceptions
- Hard disk drives dying: Six signs a hard drive is about to fail
- Storage management software helps when hard disk drives fail
- Quick-formatting hard disk drives: A shortcut, but safe
- Erasing hard disk drive data: How many passes are needed?

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This was last published in March 2007

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