Internet Information Services Security Journal

IIS still may not be the most secure Web server on the market, but with some careful configurations you can lock down IIS against most attacks. Learn how to secure IIS and its many related services in this IIS security journal.

Internet Information Services (IIS), Microsoft's Web server offering, has been plagued by security concerns since its release as part of Windows NT. IIS is currently in release 6.0 as part of Windows Server 2003 and many of the security vulnerabilities have been patched. Regardless of this improvement, security is still an overriding concern for IIS.

As entry points to your networks and essential elements to Internet access and presence, Web servers require extra security attention. Whether you are using IIS to serve Web pages or provide application access, careful hardening and configuration are necessary for a secure IIS deployment.

In this resource kit, learn how to lock down IIS, secure your Web and database servers, defend your network endpoints and more.

Looking for suggestions on how to bolster your IIS defences? Our writers and contributors tell you how you can configure Web server permissions for better access control, you to Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and offer some general rules of thumb for improving IIS security.

Need more than one tip? How about a complete how-to guide? In this section, browse collections of different pieces of content from our site experts and contributors and see how you can secure Web servers and learn the basics of authentication.

Have a specific question about your own Internet Information Services? Our experts can help solve your organization's special IIS needs.

If the questions and answers listed above don't help you, feel free to pose your own question to experts Kevin Beaver, Jonathan Hassell or Wes Noonan.

Our white paper and webcast libraries feature a wealth of information on a range of topics, including Internet Information Services. Generally more technical, these resources will take you through improving Web server security and LAN security as well as strengthening yourself against Web based attacks in great detail.

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