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Issue #8: Moving or removing Exchange servers

Best Practices Guide: The 10 most common Exchange Server issues and how to avoid them -- part 8 of 10.

Issues with availability of free/busy folders and offline address books (OAB) can occur if the first Exchange server in an administrative group is removed.

By default, the first server in an administrative group hosts the site folders for that administrative group, which include the free/busy folders and OAB, et al. Before removing the first administrative group, those folders will need to be rehomed to another server in the administrative group.

Other factors to consider:

  • The server responsible for generating the Offline Address Book
  • The server running the Recipient Update Service
  • Moving the routing group master role
  • Changing the bridgehead server for any connectors
  • Creating or changing the appropriate DNS records in your external DNS zone(s) if the server being removed was responsible for inbound Internet email


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