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Learning Guide: Printer Management

Printer management is a fact of life for network administrators. Browse our tips, articles and expert advice for the ins and outs of setting up, fine tuning and troubleshooting these persnickety peripherals.

Printer management is a fact of life for network administrators. This Learning Guide will help you with the ins and outs of setting up, fine tuning and troubleshooting these persnickety peripherals. Here you will find information on basic printing concepts and guidelines, printer management tips, expert advice and Web resources. Send me an e-mail to let me know what other learning guides you'd like to see on Vandana Sharma, Assistant Editor.

  • Article: Microsoft adds new printing feature to Terminal Services
    A Windows Terminal Services expert talks about the new universal printing feature quietly tucked into Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1.
  • Article: Printer administration pointers from the experts
    This two-part Q&A article offers a plethora of printer management pointers from our resident experts on everything from pesky connection problems to security and application compatibility issues.
  • White Paper: Choosing the right printer drivers
    Read Microsoft's recommendations for choosing the best printer drivers for your printing environment.
  • White Paper: Print server scalability and sizing technical overview
    Find information that helps you size a server to meet your organizations needs.
  • White Paper: Print server upgrade, migration and interoperability
    Microsoft has made a number of enhancements to the printing subsystem of Windows 2000 and later operating systems. This paper provides an overview of these new features and discusses details about upgrading and migrating to Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003.
  • White Paper: Deploying printer location with Active Directory
    This white paper outlines best practices for creating and maintaining a useful location schema for systems integrators, administrators and architects who are planning, deploying or managing Windows print servers.
  • Tip: Scripting School: How do I map printers?
  • Tip: Find and add printers without using the Printer Wizard
  • Tip: Fix slow printing issues for PCs with WinXP and Service Pack 2
  • Tip: Quickly fix print jobs stuck in a print queue
  • Tip: Printing to a Windows share in Linux
  • Tip: DOS printing from Windows XP
  • Tip: Creating printer ports and shared printers in a clustered environment
  • Tip: Manage your print servers
  • Tip: Boosting the performance of a print server
  • Tip: Delete print jobs that won't go away
  • Tip: Turn off printer announcements
  • Tip: List all your network printers to a file
  • Expert Advice: Client computers can't connect to shared printers
  • Expert Advice: Allowing printer access to remote users
  • Expert Advice: Adding a network printer without deleting user profiles
  • Expert Advice: Specify domains, network shares and printers
  • Expert Advice: How can I use the USB port for a printer?

  • Expert Advice: Printer redirection problem with SP3

  • Expert Advice: How can users who move around connect to printers?

  • Expert Advice: When I try to print from the Web my desktop reboots

  • Expert Advice: Problems printing e-mail after Norton uninstall

  • Expert Advice: Should I disable NetBIOS on workstations that aren't file, print and app servers?
  • Network Printing: This chapter concerns itself primarily with printing across a network and regards Windows 2000 Server as a dedicated print server.
  • Windows Printer Driver Support: This article addresses the following questions regarding the Windows printer drivers: Who writes Windows printer drivers? Where are the printer drivers available from Microsoft? And what if Microsoft does not have the printer driver?
  • Scalable print management solutions: A scalable print management solution helps you build and maintain an efficient, reliable printing environment so you can reduce waste, leverage your existing IT structure, and keep pace with company change. This IT guide examines the elements of a scalable print management solution and shows you how you can implement one in your organization.
  • HP Total Print Management webcast: View this informative webcast event moderated by IDC Analyst, Keith Kmetz, Program Director, Hardcopy Peripherals Solutions and Services. You will hear firsthand how HP customers National Semiconductor and Duke University were able to use HP Total Print Management to simplify their printing and imaging management, lower total cost of ownership and drastically reduce printer support-related calls.
  • Print management software: In depth product literature on print management software including data sheets, test results, spec sheets, brochures and white papers. Research the latest print management software tools, technologies and techniques and compare products from vendors.

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