Managing Microsoft Outlook and Exchange calendars

Learn how to manage the functionality of your Microsoft Outlook and Exchange calendars, and discover tools, best practices and troubleshooting advice.

Improve the functionality of your company's Microsoft Outlook and Exchange calendars with the tips, tools, and expert technical advice in this reference guide. You'll find out how to automate meeting request processing, troubleshoot corrupt calendar entries, manage calendar permissions and fix synchronization issues. You'll also learn about new calendar features in Outlook 2007 and Exchange 2007.


Exchange Admin 101: Microsoft Outlook group calendars
Microsoft Outlook's calendar lets you do more than set reminders to yourself. Learn how to manage events for groups and master other advanced calendar functions.

Fixing corrupt Microsoft Outlook calendar entries
Microsoft Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 can occasionally suffer from corrupt calendar entries. When this happens, certain appointment reminders repeatedly pop up no matter how many times you dismiss them. contributor Brien Posey explains how to fix this problem.

OWA and Microsoft Outlook Calendar inconsistencies
Calendar entries will not appear properly in Outlook Web Access (OWA) if Microsoft Outlook is configured to store its data to a .PST file instead of to the mailbox account. Discover a solution to this Outlook calendar problem.

An introduction to Outlook 2007 and Exchange 2007 calendar features
Discover new calendar features in Outlook 2007 and Exchange 2007, including the new Scheduling Assistant, and find out how they can be used to improve meeting coordination and resource scheduling.

Microsoft Exchange Server Calendar Concierge
Get a quick overview of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007's new Calendar Concierge features: the Scheduling Assistant, Calendar Attendant, and Resource Booking Attendant.


Export info from a user's Outlook calendar to a public folder calendar
Get step-by-step instructions on how to export information from a Microsoft Outlook calendar to a newly created public folder calendar.

Prevent a user from moving an Exchange shared calendar to personal mailbox If a user moved an Exchange Server shared calendar from a public folder to a personal mailbox, learn how to deny permissions to the user and put the calendar back where it belongs.


How to synchronize Google and Microsoft Outlook calendars
Google and Microsoft Outlook do not talk to each other by default. Learn about a freeware utility that partially solves this dilemma by synchronizing Google and Microsoft Outlook calendars -- from both applications and in both directions.

Automate meeting request processing
The Auto Accept Agent is a Microsoft-authored Exchange event sink that can automate the process of accepting and rejecting calendar meeting requests for Microsoft Outlook users.

Troubleshooting the Exchange Calendar Update Tool (Msextmz.exe)
Exchange Server administrators can use the Exchange Calendar Update Tool (Msextmz.exee) to apply time zone changes to a calendar for one or more users. This Microsoft troubleshooting guide describes how the Exchange Calendar Update Tool works and explains how to resolve common errors that you may experience when running it.

Set up read-only access for all Exchange Server calendars
Don't waste time manually and individually setting up user permissions for every calendar in your company. Discover a utility called SetPerm that allows you to set up read-only access to all user calendars in an organization en masse.

Implement calendar connectivity between Novell GroupWise and Exchange
Calendar Connector enables Novell GroupWise and Exchange users to access each other's free/busy information when scheduling meetings.

Share free/busy calendar info between two Exchange organizations
Learn how you can use the Microsoft Exchange Server Inter-Organization Replication Tool to replicate free and busy calendar information between two disparate Exchange 5.5 and Exchange 2003 organizations.

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