Microsoft SharePoint: A primer

What is Microsoft SharePoint and how does it work? Get a basic introduction to Microsoft SharePoint and learn about its changing role with Exchange Server.

Microsoft continues to place increased emphasis on SharePoint collaboration, and plans to phase out Exchange Server public folders in "Exchange 13" in lieu of tighter SharePoint and Exchange integration.

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As such, it's becoming more important for IT administrators to understand what Microsoft SharePoint is and how it works. This fast guide provides a basic introduction to SharePoint and explores its current and future relationship with Exchange Server.

NEWS --------------------------------------------

Should you care about SharePoint?
Microsoft has big plans for SharePoint, touting it as the key component in its future vision of collaboration and information-sharing technology on the Windows and Exchange Server platforms. In this column, messaging analyst Michael Osterman explains what SharePoint is all about and discusses its future role for Microsoft's business customers.

Gates pins hopes on SharePoint
Microsoft chairman Bill Gates called his company's collaboration software "one of the most underutilized assets" in the Office productivity suite, and he told an audience of independent software vendors that they can make great use of SharePoint to develop their own applications that are built on top of Microsoft Office.

SharePoint featured prominently in Office 12 plans
The next version of Microsoft's Office suite of productivity applications will lean heavily on updated collaboration software designed to let users index and search emails and other documents in team environments.

TIPS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

SharePoint Portal Server's standby recovery feature
Learn about the prerequisites for using SharePoint Portal Server's standby server option and how the recovery feature works.

Public folders vs. SharePoint -- which is better?
This article compares and contrasts Exchange public folders and SharePoint Portal Server and explains when it is better to use one over the other for document management and retention.

Exchange and SharePoint: Two peas in a pod?
Should you run Exchange 2000 on the same box with SharePoint Portal Server? It may be fine for some environments, but not such a good idea for others.

EXPERT ADVICE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

SharePoint's relationship with Exchange
Does SharePoint Portal Server 2003 or Windows SharePoint Services use Microsoft Exchange in any way or are they are separate products? expert David Sengupta explains.

Email archiving with SharePoint?
Learn whether SharePoint can be used as an email archiving solution.


Windows SharePoint Services Administrator's Guide
A guide for installing, configuring, managing, and maintaining Windows SharePoint Services.

Virtual Lab: Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server
Get first-hand deployment experience through the Virtual Lab series. The Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server hands-on labs will teach you how to set up the portal, organize content on the portal, manage user permissions, create Web Parts for custom tasks, and much more.

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