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Part 5: Related resources on Exchange public folder management

Helpful resources from on public folder management and Exchange Server replication.

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Expert Advice: Moving an Exchange public folder replica to another server expert David Sengupta explains how to move an Exchange Server public folder replica from one Exchange server to another.

An administrator's guide to Exchange public folders
For the foreseeable future, most organizations will likely continue to use Exchange public folders for a variety of collaborative efforts including document sharing, contact and calendar management, and file storage. This learning guide provides a core compilation of articles, tutorials, tips, tools, downloads, and expert advice that will improve your Exchange public folder management and troubleshooting know-how in no time.

FAQ: Exchange public folders
Creating and managing Exchange Server public folders can be a tricky business. In this collection of frequently asked questions, you'll discover a wealth of information on the topic. From configuring and troubleshooting permissions to recovering and exporting data, you're sure to learn something about public folders you didn't know before.

Tutorial: Exchange Server public folder permissions
Learn how to create a simple Exchange 2003 public folder tree structure, customize Exchange public folder roles and permissions to suit your company's needs, and automatically propagate Exchange parent public folder permission changes to all child folders.

Learning Center: Exchange Server replication remedies
Exchange Server replication is vitally important to the integrity and availability of your Exchange Server data. Discover how the Exchange Server replication process works, best practices for configuring a healthy Exchange Server replication architecture, and tools that will mend your worst Exchange Server replication maladies.


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 Part 5: Related resources on Exchange public folder management

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