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Securing your Exchange Server 2007 journaling archives

Journaling is one method to archive email in Exchange Server 2007. Because it places a copy of a target email message into a designated mailbox, journaling isn't as secure as traditional archiving methods. Learn some of the differences between email archiving and journaling and how to best secure a journaling mailbox in this tutorial.

Journaling is just one way to archive email messages in Exchange Server 2007. While it is a viable archiving method, journaling differs from traditional email archiving methods in that it places a copy of target messages into a designated journaling mailbox. This means that securing your journaling mailboxes is critical.

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In this tutorial from Microsoft Exchange Server expert Brien Posey, you'll learn the differences between email archiving and journaling, get the steps to secure your journaling archive and read how best to protect a journaling mailbox from spoofing. You'll also gain an understanding of setting journal rules in Exchange 2007 for email retention and how to create a mail-enabled contact to guard journaling mailboxes.


 Home: Introduction
 Part 1: Using Exchange Server journaling as an email-archiving solution
 Part 2: How to protect an Exchange journaling mailbox from email spoofing
 Part 3: Create a journal rule in Exchange 2007 to secure journaling mailboxes

Brien M. Posey, MCSE
Brien M. Posey, MCSE, is a five-time recipient of Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional award for his work with Exchange Server, Windows Server, Internet Information Services (IIS), and File Systems and Storage. Brien has served as CIO for a nationwide chain of hospitals and was once responsible for the Department of Information Management at Fort Knox. As a freelance technical writer, Brien has written for Microsoft, TechTarget, CNET, ZDNet, MSD2D, Relevant Technologies and other technology companies. You can visit Brien's personal website at

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