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SharePoint Server 2007 backup and disaster recovery tutorial

Learn how to create a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 disaster recovery plan and get the steps and tools you need to back up and restore MOSS.

In this excerpt from "Essential SharePoint 2007," authors Scott Jamison, Mauro Cardarelli, and Susan Hanley teach you how to prepare a thorough Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) disaster recovery operations document and best practices for its management and execution. They also explain changes that have been made to the SharePoint backup tool and show how to use MOSS 2007's backup and restore features.

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SharePoint is a great aggregator of information. From semistructured content such as documents and images to unstructured content such as blog entries and discussion threads, information within SharePoint is delivered in one place—and, by the default, is stored in one place. This "single storage" model (actually a collection of databases) makes business-side functionality—for example, collaboration, communication, and data consistency—easier to implement.

The challenge, however, is that this puts pressure on IT staff to make SharePoint, now a business-critical application, highly available. Users will want consistent access to content, and they'll want comfort around plans to restore some portions of a site, a complete site, or a collection of sites. The focus of this chapter is leveraging native SharePoint backup/restore capabilities to recover or recreate entire portals or sites.

The feature set contained within SharePoint Backup and Restore constitutes only one component of an overall disaster recovery plan. This chapter provides an overview of the SharePoint Backup and Restore utility. In addition, it details what components of your portal or sites are and are not covered with SharePoint's native backup and restore tools.

- Introduction
- Part 1: Creating a Microsoft SharePoint disaster recovery operations document
- Part 2: Understanding Microsoft SharePoint Server backup and restore options
- Part 3: Using the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 backup tool
- Part 4: Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 backup files
- Part 5: Using the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 restore utility
- Part 6: Scheduling a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 backup
- Part 7: What's not covered by a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 backup

Essential SharePoint 2007   This chapter excerpt from Essential SharePoint 2007, by Scott Jamison, Mauro Cardarelli, and Susan Hanley, is printed with permission from Addison-Wesley Professional, Copyright 2007.

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