Spotlight on e-discovery

IT managers are now being asked to help out with e-discovery, here are some tips and articles that will help.

E-discovery, also known as electronic discovery, refers to any process in which electronic data is sought, located, secured and searched with the intent of using it as evidence in a civil or criminal legal case. In the process of electronic discovery, data of all types can serve as evidence.

An evolving field that goes far beyond mere technology, e-discovery gives rise to legal, constitutional, political, security and personal privacy issues. IT managers are now being asked to help out the legal department with e-discovery, and technology is being developed to make those tasks easier.


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Lawsuits drive email archiving
Many IT managers are now being asked to help out the legal department with e-discovery, which is the ability to quickly find electronic documents for litigation on demand.

E-discovery rules double-edged sword for CIOs
The new rules regarding electronic discovery show a growing appreciation for the vastness and value of electronically stored data. But don't expect them to make your job easier.

Users wary of new e-discovery rules
Some users and experts say new e-discovery rules are a wake-up call to be savvier about data retention.

Customized e-discovery tool lightens law firm's litigation load
A law firm and a seasoned vendor figure out how to marry content management to litigation services to come up with a tool that does everything but argue cases.

IM, blogs next target for litigation
In litigation, email is still the No. 1 target of subpoenas for electronic records. But IMs and blogs are easily targeted too and need attention.


IT managers take on compliance
The complexity of adhering to compliance regulations can make any IT manager's head spin. This special report will help you navigate the murky waters of compliance.


E-discovery and litigation for CIOs
Electronic discovery can add even more burdens to an already overworked IT staff. Learn what IT professionals need to watch out for to stay on the right side of the law.

IT governance and legal compliance strategies for CIOs
Between IT-related laws and governance regulations, IT departments deal with more legal issues than ever before. This guide offers resources to help get a handle on the growing number of legal issues affecting organizations today.


Managing VoIP records and other e-docs
Nationally renowned intellectual property expert Adam Cohen talks about how to manage VoIP records and other electronic data.


Avoid lawsuit nightmares: New rules of engagement for e-discovery
The revised U.S. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure set forth guidelines for the discovery of electronic evidence in civil cases and presents an opportunity for enterprises to be more proactive about document archiving and records management strategies.

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