Step 2: Install SQL Server and Exchange System Manager for Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM)

In Step 2 of "How to set up Microsoft Operations Manager for Exchange Server," learn why you need to install SQL Server and Exchange System Manager before installing MOM.

In Step 1, you learned how to create the accounts and mailboxes that MOM will use to monitor Exchange Server. To complete the prep work needed to set up Microsoft Operations Manager, you'll need to install SQL Server somewhere on your network and Exchange System Manager on your MOM server.

Install SQL Server

The first thing you want to do is to make sure that SQL Server is running somewhere on your network.

SQL Server 2005 is the preferred version, but you can use SQL 2000. But, if you choose to use SQL 2000, you must install Service Pack 3A or higher.

Whichever version of SQL Server you choose to install, consider also installing the SQL Server Reporting Service. The SQL Server Reporting Service is not a mandatory component, but MOM can make use of it if you do choose to install it.

SQL Server does not have to be installed directly on your Microsoft Operations Manager server, although it can be. If you are going to be monitoring more than just a few servers, it's probably better to install SQL Server onto a separate server so SQL Server isn't competing with MOM for system resources.

Install Exchange System Manager

If it isn't already present, you should now install Exchange System Manager (ESM) on your MOM server. When MOM shows you aspects of your Exchange Server that need to be corrected, it will be handy to be able to switch back and fourth between the MOM console and ESM.


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