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Top 5 Exchange Intelligent Message Filter add-on tools

Discover five notable Exchange Intelligent Message Filter freeware and third-party add-on tools that improve IMF's usability and antispam capabilities.

Exchange Server's Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) is a useful antispam application. But like most software, it isn't necessarily perfect out of the box. Fortunately, several IMF add-on tools are available that fill in the gaps. In this resource guide, you'll discover five notable freeware and third-party utilities that heighten IMF's usability and spam-filtering strength. Whether you want superior administrative controls, whitelisting functionality, improved spam confidence level (SCL) capabilities, or more mail action features, find the Exchange IMF options you're looking for here. 

IMF Tune
IMF Tune is a popular third-party tool designed to allow extremely fine-grained tuning of Exchange Server 2003's Intelligent Message Filter.

Messages trapped by IMF are held in a subdirectory of Exchange's MAILROOT folder. Exchange IMF doesn't provide any direct way to examine the contents of this folder. IMFCompanion is a freeware antispam add-on tool that fills this void. This is particularly helpful for recovering an inadvertently blocked email.

You no longer have to use a custom form if you want to display Exchange Intelligent Message Filter's Spam Confidence Level (SCL) rankings in Microsoft Outlook. ShowSCL is a freeware plug-in that significantly simplifies the process of displaying IMF SCL rankings in Microsoft Outlook clients.

SecurExchange IMF Edition
SecurExchange IMF Edition is a third-party tool that enhances Exchange Server's Intelligent Message Filter with whitelisting functionality, multiple spam confidence level (SCL) thresholds, and more mail action capabilities.

Intelligent Message Filter Archive Manager
Intelligent Message Filter Archive Manager (IMFAM) is a freeware IMF add-on that allows you to view, analyze and manage email that has been sequestered by the Exchange Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) archive directory.

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