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Microsoft Hyper-V: Best practices for performance, backups and management

Deploying Microsoft Hyper-V will potentially have a huge effect on your Windows environment. Some of the major areas of impact include the performance of virtual machines, as well as changes to backup strategies and management procedures.

In this webcast, Microsoft MVP Greg Shields offers up some best practices for each of these areas when working with Hyper-V. Here you'll learn how high levels of performance can be achieved during the Hyper-V installation process, as well as some key prerequisites and "gotchas" to be aware of when creating backups with Hyper-V.

You'll also find details on how to setup Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) as a single tool for managing your virtual servers.

Other topics covered include:


  • Monitoring virtual machines with PerfMon
  • Performing image-level backups using the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)
  • Using Windows Server Manager with Hyper-V
  • What you can get out of System Center VMM
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